Why You Should Go Traveling Sooner Rather Than Later

By Mikkel Gisle Johnsen

Are you longing for distant shores? Are you curious about foreign lands, exotic cultures and new languages? After almost a decade of traveling the world, both as a slow traveler migrating from one place to another, and as a backpacker moving relatively quickly between destinations, I’ve come to realize that traveling is one of the most powerful experiences you can have on this earth. Traveling will teach you more about life, the world and yourself than anything else I can think of!

But here’s the thing – you have to go now! If you’re excited about something, you’ve got to act on it! Waiting for too long will not only be a frustrating affair that puts a damper on everything else going on in your life at the time – but it will take away some of that spontaneous, excited energy that’s so important if you want to get the most out of your journey! Today I want to teach you exactly how to make traveling a reality, in the near future!

The Why

This one is simple. Traveling should not be equated with the idea of a «holiday». It’s not about predictability, safety, rest and relaxation – in fact it’s about the exact opposite! Traveling, at least in the sense that I’m talking about here today, is all about embracing the unknown. It’s about trying something new. Challenging the status quo in your own life. Jumping without a safety net!

In other words, the more unpredictable and potentially difficult your journey will be, the better! What you will (likely) find during your travels is that A – you are more powerful, capable and resourceful than you previously thought, B – That the world «out there» is less threatening and foreign than you thought it would be and that people are actually to some degree the same everywhere, and C – that the spontaneous, unplanned, kinda risky (in a good way) and somewhat random life that you will experience during traveling is exactly what makes the whole thing so awesome in the first place!

This is why waiting is such a bummer! When you wait, you do two things: Firstly, you let your excitement mellow out. This is no good! That excitement is what it’s all about in this life! Act on it! Now! Secondly, you end up «planning the joy out of your trip». As we’ve already established, most of the joy of traveling comes from the unknown. If you spend ages waiting for your trip, saving up lots of money and planning every step of the way, you’ll lose that spark. That spontaneity. And you rob yourself of the opportunity to get good at problem solving and dealing with challenges underway! So just do it!

The How

This one is even simpler. I just said it actually. Just do it! Literally. Just put your hands in front of your eyes and sing «lalala» while you ignore all the obstacles in your way! Seriously! If you want to go, you have GOT to go! It’s that simple.

Listen, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do any planning whatsoever – unless you’re keen on going completely «wanderer style» of course. A little bit of planning goes a long way. To learn more about the planning process, what and how to pack, booking tickets and all that stuff, be sure to check out my eBook The Way of The Fruitful Traveler where I go in to these topics in depth – specifically geared at long term, lightweight, tropical travel.

To put a scope on it, I’d say that waiting more than three to six months to go traveling, if that excitement is buzzing right now, is unacceptable. Sell some of your stuff, make money any way you can, conserve money to the best of your ability, spin the globe and find your first destination. Then book that ticket! One way! I see no reason why you couldn’t make it happen within the month even, if you really wanted to!

Just remember this: You don’t have to see exactly how everything is going to work out now. In fact, it’s impossible to know this. I guarantee you that anyone who ever did or made something awesome did not know how to do it when they first started out – they just did it, and learned along the way!

So during your planning stages, pay no attention to the calculations that say you will run out of money after exactly two months on the road, because the variables are too many to say this with any kind of certainty – and when you do run out of money, because you invariably will, realize that money is not the only way to get what you need! There are endless opportunities to exchange your energy (in the form of work, entertainment, things etc.) for either more money or better yet – whatever you need at that time.

According to Bashar, the definition of abundance is “The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it”. It can come in any way, shape or form and money is not always the path of least resistance between you and what you needf! Trust that you’ll be able to find solutions to challenges that arise during your trip and forget about sorting it all out beforehand!

The When

This Why and the How was simple, but this one is the simplest one of them all: You should travel whenever you’re excited about traveling! If that’s right now, then guess what? You should go traveling now!

Take the first step right now, which is to decide that you will travel. Once that’s out of the way determine how long of a preparation period you want to have – and remember to keep this below six months at the very most, ideally at three months maximum. Start talking about it to the people around you too! This helps solidify the idea in your own mind that you are indeed going traveling! Then all you have to do is decide on where to go, how long to travel for (I highly recommend keeping this open ended, more on this in my eBook) and start preparing for the adventure of your life! Remember though, that the adventure starts right now! Do enjoy the “launch process”. I know I always do!

So there you have it! Don’t torture yourself with waiting for months and years before you do what you’re excited about! Your life is happening right now, and there’s no reason to wait! By acting on your highest excitement, in the present moment, you are reconnecting with your true identity as a happy, powerful and blissful being. Remember – happiness is simply your natural state, and it will surface as soon as you stop doing what you don’t want, and start doing what you do want!

If traveling is what excites you right now, then for Your own sake – GO!

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