What Is Health?

Let’s looks at all the aspects of what makes up a healthy body. It’s not only about eating right, but sleeping enough, having fresh air, a calm environment and much more! learn more button
Why Raw Fooders Eat More

One of the first things people notice when they get exposed to the raw fruit diet, is the high volume of food eaten in a day. learn more button
Eating Fruit Around Others

For a lot of people, the greatest challenge of eating vegan and especially a fruit based diet, is dealing with the social aspects of it. learn more button
My Top 10 Tastiest Fruits

Everyone has a top 10 list. Everyone who loves fruit anyway! Mine has remained somewhat similar over the past couple of years, and here it is! learn more button
New Year’s Resolutions

Why I Don’t Do New Years Resolutions And Why You Shouldn’t Either learn more button
3 Master Keys to Fitness

Building fitness can and should be both fun and easy! learn more button
Perpetual Motivatation

How I Stay Perpetually Motivated To Live Healthfully learn more button
Don’t like exercise? Try this!

Exercise is supposed to feel awesome! As long as you follow the rules… learn more button

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Is it human food?

All animals on the planet are able to determine what to eat without having laboratories and science books to help them, we shouldn’t have to rely on that either. learn more button
Humans: A Tropical Animal

Has the human animal truly adapted to living anywhere on the globe? learn more button
Fruit is Fast Food: 5 Reasons

Fruit is the ultimate fast food. Ready to be eaten straight from nature! learn more button
Leave the Winter Behind

Here’s some of the main reasons anyone should leave cold climates during winter! learn more button
Are you eating good fruit?

People all over the world struggle to eat enough fruit.. this is why! learn more button
You should travel now!

Stop delaying your traveling. You can do it now! learn more button
My First Time Eating Durian

The memory of my first durian will always be with me.. learn more button
Can condiments be healthy?

We’re all familiar with herbs and spices, salt and pepper, but how do they fit in to a healthy diet? learn more button