5 Reasons Why Fruit is Fast Food

People often complain that they simply don’t have the time to eat healthy. They rely on fast food for their calories, and they eat on the go. In their world, eating healthfully means spending a lot of time buying special ingredients, learning new recipes and preparing foods for hours. There’s another way though! Fruit! Fruit is not only the best food for us nutritionally, but it’s also nature’s original fast food! Here’s 5 reasons why fruit is in fact, the fastest food on the planet!


Reason 1: Fruit needs no preparation or cooking time!

Unlike most all other foods like grains, legumes, animal products and vegetables – ripe fruit is ready to eat as is! There’s no need to cook it to make it edible, there’s no need to cure, smoke, pickle or age fruit in order for undesired tastes or textures to go away. Fruit is delicious and fully edible to us in its natural state. On a fruit diet, long gone are the days where you have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing food! When you are hungry, fruit is there for you – ready to go!

Reason 2: Fruit requires no dishes or cleanup after!

Since there is no cooking or preparation needed, there’s no need for pots and pans either. Knives and forks are also unnecessary, since our hands are perfectly adapted to peeling and eating the fruit as it is. Ripe fruit does not require a knife in order to be opened. If you wish to eat your fruit out of a bowl or on a plate, that’s fine – even though it’s not strictly necessary. In that case, cleanup is a breeze. Since fruit is so water rich, a quick rinse with water only will do. When you’re done eating – you can go about your day without having to worry about a tower of dishes in the sink!

Reason 3: Fruit comes in its own, easy to open, biodegradable package!

Just like common junk food items like hamburgers and hot dogs that come in their own little paper sleeves etc. fruit comes in its own package. Just peel and eat. The good thing about the fruit peel though, is that it’s fully biodegradable and can be thrown out anywhere in nature – unlike paper and plastic which has to be put in a bin. Another time saver right there!

Reason 4: Fruit is easy to chew!

Ripe fruit is almost predigested and requires almost no chewing whatsoever. It depends a little bit on the fruit obviously, but generally speaking fruit readily dissolves in the mouth after some very light chewing, and even if you swallowed whole pieces of mango – it would still digest perfectly fine due to the tender and water rich texture. Bread, meat, grains, nuts and vegetables however can take ages to chew properly. This is great news for fast eaters (like myself). It’s OK to eat ripe fruit naturally fast, it will still digest fine!

Reason 5: Fruit digests faster and easier than any other food!

When you eat starch, like bread and potatoes, the body has to expend energy in order to break it down into sugar before it can uptake it in to the bloodstream. Meat and protein rich foods take even longer to digest as protein digestion is a more complex process. Fat is generally quite slow to digest as well, and it may take up to 24 hours before the fat you eat in a meal is fully digested and assimilated in the body. Fruit however, due to enzymes that breaks down the complex elements in the food prior to eating it, is easily digested and readily absorbed into the bloodstream only minutes after eating. Indeed, some of the sugars in fruit is even absorbed in seconds, as they enter us through the sublingual glands under the tongue. Some people worry that fruit sugars enter the blood too quickly, but due to the presence of water and fiber in the fruit, that slows down the uptake – this is not the case. Fruit digests easily and provides us with the fuel we need right there and then. No more postprandial fatigue! Fruit delivers its goodness – without delay or lengthy digestive efforts.

So next time you’re looking for something to grab on the go, or a meal that doesn’t take any time out of your busy day, look no further than fruit – the original fast food!

The information in this article reflects the views and opinions of the author and is intended for educational and informational purposes only. This is not medical advice. We are not responsible for any action you may take based on the information given in this article. For medical advice please see your medical professional.

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