The one thing that completely changed my life!

By Mads Tobias S. Gisle Johnsen

I want to start out talking a bit about myself.

Between ages 6-20, I ate an extremely limited diet. About 70% of what I ate was plain bread, and the rest of it was pretty much just garbage. Chocolate spread, Doritos, and a little bit of ground meat on pizza. I didn’t even start eating cheese until I was about 16.

I might have had a glass of apple juice twice a week, and some tomato sauce on my pizzas, but other than that there were NO fruits and vegetables. I’m serious. Not a bite of an apple or a leaf of spinach for over 10 years. I can’t believe I survived…

Here’s what turned everything upside-down for me in a matter of months!

The key ingredient

Over the years, I’ve come to realize there is only one thing that truly can change how you live your life. Be it changing your diet, quit smoking, start exercising or spend more time with your family.

It’s pretty simple… inspiration. It doesn’t matter how much you learn about a subject, or hear someone tell you about how good it is for you. You need to be inspired, motivated and energized to make the change in your life.

What made changed my life? Two things in particular. Youtube and getting psyched up about health talking to my brother Mikkel. I started watching tons of Youtube videos from The Life Regenerator (aka. Dan the Man).

I’d been told my entire life that I should eat more fresh fruits and vegetable, but I never wanted to eat any until I started personally being inspired by people like Dan the Man. Why? Mainly because it made me think of fruits and vegetables as cool! This new shift in viewpoint totally changed everything for me, and I started chomping on every fruit and vegetable I could get a hold of. Within months I was pretty much raw vegan.

I didn’t even read the 80/10/10 diet until a few years into changing the way I ate, which then served to further inspire me about my healthy food choices.

Inspiration 101

Practically speaking, there is no one answer for all of us. What inspires us can be anything! We always hear of people who only stop smoking when they get diagnosed with a lung disease. What made them suddenly change? They were inspired to make a change in their life because of the will to keep on living healthfully.

We need these “catalysts” to actually make change. As long as we keep thinking “Oh, I should start exercising…” but don’t really want to, we’re invariably going to end up quitting the exercise regime after a short while, simply because willpower only lasts so long. Inspiration is more long term.

If there is something you want to change in your life, you need to seek out every avenue of inspiration. Youtube videos are an epic source, as you get to look up to people who you dig. I thought Dan the Man was awesome, and that’s why I started thinking fruits and vegetables was awesome. See?

I hope me and Mikkel inspire some of you guys as well! In fact, our Patreon is a great place to get inspired, as we do Q and A’s, live streams and talk with you guys through the timeline there!

So, if you want to start exercising, start watching exercise videos, follow people on Youtube who you resonate with, and I pretty much guarantee that you will soon want to be able to do what they can do.

The reason this stuff works is probably because of the way we’re hard wired to look up to those who do things successfully. We look up to our older siblings, parents, teachers (the good ones), and try to emulate what they do. Not because we think we should, but because we’re inspired to do the same things they do because we think they’re cool!

What if I never get motivated?

We’ve all been there… Feeling like we should be doing something or even thinking we want to do something, but it just never happens. We might even start a project only to stop halfway.

The truth is that most of the time, the answer is simply to let go of your desire to do the things you feel like you should do. It’s NOT worth your time and energy to keep thinking and fretting about doing something you don’t actually want to do!

That said, if there is something you truly believe you would benefit from, like changing your diet, it might be worth investing some energy into consciously blasting your mind with inspiring content.

Mikkel wrote an article on “The Four Attributes of Successful People” which is pretty awesome.

Watch Youtube videos. Talk with people who are doing the things you want to do successfully. Listen to podcasts about the topic you’re interested in. It’s all about getting deep into it.

If I can go from nearly gagging on a piece of apple, to eating 100% fruit in a few months… I’d say pretty much anything is possible with the right amount of inspiration-juice!

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The Way of the Fruitful Traveler
The Way of The Fruitful Traveler
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My Top 10 Tastiest Fruits
By Mads T. S. G. Johnsen

dsc_8874 One of my favorite questions to ask any fruit fanatic is «What’s your top 10?». It immediately conjures a loving expression on their face as they start thinking of what they all-time favorite fruits are. Everyone has probably thought about this question at some time or other during their life, and so, most people already start describing what they enjoy the most. It’s often a fierce battle between which fruits gets to be on the “top 3”, but that’s what makes it so fun with lists! You have to choose!

My list is ever-changing, but it has remained somewhat similar for a couple of years now. This particular list takes only into account the pure taste of a fruit. Not how it digests, not how it delivers in terms of consistency… This is solely about mouth ecstasy!

  • X – Coconut: Nothing beats drinking a fresh young coconut some time before breakfast. So clean and pure, the ultimate sports drink, and probably the thing I miss the most when I’m not in the tropics.
  • #1 – Durian: Absolutely the highest taste experience you could possibly have as a human being. The absurdly ecstatic nature of its taste comes close to nothing else on earth by a million years. Creamy, sweet, slightly fatty and incredibly delicious. The best of all.
  • #2 – Mamey: A somewhat recent addition to my top list. Super dense, super sweet. Like a pumpkin, its creamy texture feels absolutely awesome when you eat it. Besides, it looks beautiful with its red flesh and black seed!
  • #3 – Avocado: Everybody loves avocadoes. Creamy and super fatty, it’s a special kind of fruit for sure. People say they are bland, but that is far, far from the truth if you go to where they are tastiest. Nothing gives me that deep strong, almost smoked flavor as avocadoes does. The humble king.
  • #4 – Cherimoya: Member of the annona family, and IMO the best of them. Ultra sweet and refreshingly juicy. Creamy white flesh with several black seeds. The green skin is deceptively bland looking, but the inside delivers. So, so good. Tip: Go to La Palma in the Canary Islands.
  • #5 – Chempedak: You can smell it a 100 meters away. The jackfruit’s ugly cousin. Very sweet, with an awesome, almost slimy texture. Some have hints of mom’s tomato sauce! We think of it as the garlic bread of fruits! Insanely good and strange!
  • #6 – Papaya: There are a lot of bad ones out there, but when you get access to a good batch… holy mother of god! The ultimate breakfast! Hydrating, gently sweet and probably one of the most nutritious foods on earth! Papaya will always be a huge part of my diet over the course of the year.
  • #7 – Mango: Let’s face it, mango is probably the one most people would say is there favorite fruit. Endless varieties and tastes. The perfect blend between sweetness, juiciness and size. The best way to eat a mango is naked, by a river!
  • #8 – Banana: Some might say banana is boring, and sure, the standard variety (Cavendish) is somewhat bland. There are, however, some banana varieties that would blow your mind! Being ultra-sweet, dense and filling, it always delivers in terms of calories. The fruitarian’s best friend.
  • #9 – Watermelon: 99.9% of the world’s watermelons are not worth eating. However… there are those times you come across some that are just insanely sweet and high quality. When this happens, there is probably no other food that comes close to giving you that “Oh, my god! Fruit is sooooo good…” feeling.
  • #10 – Fig: A fruit I have less experience with than I’d like. They are often expensive, and out of season when I travel. That said, the few times I’ve had them fresh from the tree, they have always surprised me! Jam-filled pockets of super tasty nutrition! If you’ve only had supermarket figs, you do not know what I’m talking about. It might go higher on my list later!
*Coconut isn’t a fruit, and shouldn’t take up space on the top 10. That said, it will always have a very important place in my heart, and thus earning a place on the list regardless!

The information in this article reflects the views and opinions of the author and is intended for educational and informational purposes only. This is not medical advice. We are not responsible for any action you may take based on the information given in this article. For medical advice please see your medical professional.

The Little Banana Book
The Little Banana Book
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