Health Coaching: This coaching program is focused primarily on health, diet, raw vegan nutrition and lifestyle – for those looking to improve their health today! For consultations on how to make your dreams come true, create the life you actually want, let go of fear and manifest more abundance – see Life Coaching.

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level, make a commitment to growth and get inspired and educated about the raw vegan, fruit based lifestyle – I’m here for you and I’m ready to give you exactly what you need to get going! Please read on…


Mikkelhealth If you are in need of advice, guidance or even just someone to talk to about your journey towards better health, happiness and wellbeing, you have come to the right place!

It’s always good to have someone to share your experiences with, and ask for advice and encouragement
I’m here to help you move in the direction of your goals!
when you need it. Done via Skype, these one-on-one health and lifestyle coaching sessions are intended to provide you with exactly what you need to be able to take the next step, whatever that means for you. It doesn’t matter where you are along your journey, as we will simply work on bringing you to the next level, whatever that means for you. Beginner or advanced alike, we’ll take one step at the time – or ten! It’s up to you!

The speed of your transition is not as important as the direction that you are going. I’m here to help you move in the direction of your goals, whether that is learning to eat more raw foods, understanding fruit nutrition, improving your quality of sleep, loosing excess weight, healing from disease, overcoming cravings or just learning to live healthy in an unhealthy society.

Whether all you need is that one coaching session to get you started, or if you’re looking for someone to regularly “keep you on track” – we can set up consultations to suit your needs. If you are reading this, chances are you are ready to take responsibility and want to take the next step in terms of health creation.

Mikkelhealthfood The Raw Food Diet

A wise man once said “nothing tastes as great as health feels” and that has a lot of truth to it. Once you experience what it feels like to be healthy, no food will ever again be worth the sacrifice of your health. However, here’s the best part; the healthiest food is also the tastiest! Believe it or not but when you wean off the addictive stimulants and processed foods, you will actually become more sensitive to the flavors in natural foods. As you start eating what your body is physiologically designed to eat, raw tropical fruits for the most part, your will actually be satisfied on a deeper level than you could ever imagine.

In order to be successful on any diet, it has to satisfy us! If we’re not satisfied, we’re not gonna stick with it. The science of satisfaction is very precise, and understanding exactly how to stay satiated is key to succeeding on the raw food diet. I want to help you understand these processes and make sure you implement them in your life so that you may reap the full benefits of the raw food diet and avoid common problems like undereating, cravings and low energy levels.

Being a complete fruit fanatic, I’ve travelled the globe in search of delicious fruits for a few years now and I’ve acquired a lot of experiential knowledge as a result. Learning about the food you are eating is one of the most powerful strategies for succeeding on the raw food diet. To ensure maximum satisfaction and optimal nutrition, I’ll teach you the basics about fruit – if you want to know!

I Tried the Raw Food Diet Already and it Didn’t Work!

There are so many different “raw food diets” out there that it’s very easy to get started on the wrong track. Whether it be the high fat gourmet raw diet with its fatty dishes based on nuts and seeds or the superfood diets with its juices, powders and dried roots, its easy to get lost! There’s so many of these fad diets –how do you know where to begin?

Through the coaching, I will help you to get on track with the real raw food diet – the optimal diet for you as a species, a fruit based diet, a whole food diet, a fresh food approach. No gimmicks, just pure natural eating according to nature. Let’s get started today!

Not ready for a fully raw diet?

Not a problem, as I mentioned earlier these coaching sessions are intended to take you to wherever you want to go. There is no pressure to go all the way from the get-go. If all you want to do, for now, is move towards a
How far do you want to go?
whole food, plant based diet in order to avoid the major diseases of the modern lifestyle, I’m more than happy to help you out. A simple “raw till 4” style diet will still have profound effects on your health. We’ll obviously focus on all the other elements of health as well, in an effort to provide you with the most amount of benefit. How far do you want to go? The choice is yours!

The Wholistic View – Health means Whole

Cultivating health is always so much more than diet alone. It’s about living in alignment with our true nature and fulfilling our purpose here on Earth. We need to take a close look at what it means to be a human being and remember to feed our mind, body and spirit.

We are tropical animals adapted to a specific environment, a specific temperature range, a specific day/nigh cycle and a specific diet. But of course,
Together we’ll MAKE PROGRESS!
most of us are no longer living in that pristine, natural environment – but there’s so much we can do to mimic it though. Even living in the most extreme of climates, there’s things we can do to optimize our living space and general lifestyle. Through understanding that Health is the Whole picture, we can start to tailor our lives to be healthy in ALL avenues – one step at the time!

We can focus on some of these factors, one by one, or all of them, it’s up to you entirely. I’m here to coach you in the process of moving towards optimal health. You set the pace, you decide our focus and I’ll provide the structure and personalized advice! Together we will undoubtedly MAKE PROGRESS!

Through these coaching sessions I can help you with:

  • Achieving optimal health
  • The raw food diet and how to make it work
  • How to properly eat fruit
  • Increasing your energy levels by making more conservative choices
  • Overcoming ALL cravings, food addictions and staying perfectly satisfied
  • Emotional eating
  • Healthy weight loss without extreme dieting and detrimental health effects
  • How to select quality fruit, safely transport it and successfully store it
  • How to know when fruit is ripe and ready to eat
  • Improving your sleep quality
  • Optimizing your digestion
  • Travelling raw
  • How to travel to some of the best fruit destinations of the world and how to find the best fruit
  • Social issues with eating raw
  • Going vegan
  • Optimizing your living quarters for the highest level of health and wellbeing by mimicking our natural tropical environment.
  • Understanding food combining
  • Gaining healthy weight
  • Getting off stimulants like coffee, tobacco, alcohol and drugs
  • Removing the causes of disease
  • How you can exercise daily and actually enjoy it
  • Achieving your ideal body composition
  • Understanding what vitamins, minerals, fats, protein and carbohydrates are and how they relate to health
  • Managing your diet without counting calories or analyzing micro nutrients
  • Understanding how beautiful skin, hair and nails relate to optimal health
  • Eating enough to stay satisfied and avoid under eating
  • How to avoid over eating and understanding what it means
  • Understanding eating disorders like anorexia, orthorexia and bulimia
  • How to answer diet related questions from your peers
  • Being healthy in an unhealthy world
  • Understanding the difference between a HFLC (High Fat Low Carb) and a HCLF (High Carb Low Fat) diet.
  • Understanding fruit seasons and the value of seasonal eating
  • Improving your kitchen skills whether you’re preparing fruit based meals or learning to cook your food in a more conservative way, as you work your way towards an ideal diet

Let’s do this! Setting up a consultation

If all this sounds like something you would like to try, take a look at the different coaching options I offer down below and set up a consultation today! All sessions are done in private by Mikkel alone.

You’re in charge of the whole booking process yourself. Simply select the type of session you are interested in followed by the time and date you wish to book. After payment, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Through a link in this email you can cancel, or change your appointment as you please, up until 24 hours before the session but no later.

Our coaching options

Single Coaching Session

  • One full length consultation of 45 minutes duration
  • Done via Skype (with audio/video)
  • One optional follow up email included after the session

“Triple Package” Coaching Program

  • Three full length consultations of 45 minutes duration
  • Done via Skype (with audio/video)
  • One optional follow up email included after each session

Quick Q & A Session: Text Chat

  • Text chat via Skype (no audio/video)
  • Your questions answered in a casual chat session
  • 20 minutes duration

Quick Q & A Session: Video Call

  • One-to-one Skype session (with audio/video)
  • Any questions you may have – shoot!
  • 20 minutes duration

If you simply cannot fit your schedule around the times available through the booking application above, or if you have needs that you feel are not covered in our current coaching programs – feel free to contact us about it at Any questions regarding the booking process or the sessions themselves can also be sent to this email address.

No information on this website or the coaching offered here, is to be considered medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment for you or any other individual. The information provided is not a substitute for medical care, and if you are in need of medical attention or professional treatment of any sort you must consult your doctor. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and Sweet Natural Living is not responsible for any action you may take based our advice. The coaching is health and lifestyle coaching, not medical care and you are responsible for your own choices.

I’m no medical doctor and I’m not a certified nutritionist. That being said, I still feel confident in my own knowledge, coming from years of both experience and dedicated study. I recommend taking the advice from people getting the results you want. I’m here to lend a helping hand to anyone seeking better health and happiness by sharing some of the tips and tricks that helped me succeed on the raw vegan diet and improve my overall health massively. I hope to be able to assist you in improving your situation as well.