Life Coaching: This coaching program is focused primarily on how to make your dreams come true, create the life you actually want, let go of fear and manifest more abundance! For those looking for consultations on health, diet, raw vegan nutrition and lifestyle – see Health Coaching.


If you are looking for ways to improve your current life situation, reach your goals and find happiness today by doing what you actually want, this coaching program is specifically focused on helping you do just that.

Life is a journey full of both good and bad experiences, but what I’ve found is that happiness is not based on circumstances, Happiness is your natural state, your true nature, your innermost being. Happiness is not something we cultivate or “create” but rather what we are at our very core. So the question is not so much “what must I do to be happy” as it is “what’s obstructing my happiness right now?”

spirallifeFear is obstructing our ability to experience life fully and truly be who we are! It’s like layers upon layers of dirt, covering up our inner light. It’s like heavy burdens bringing us down when in reality all we have to do is let go!

Fear is obstructing our ability to experience life fully and truly be who we are!
However, it’s not always easy to let go. We justify our fears, or rather – they justify themselves, by constantly saying things like “what if this happens” and “what if that happens” – “I better be on the safe side”. Fear is always about the future, there is never fear in the moment. Sure there might be moments of adrenaline, shock and grief but those are natural responses of the body and mind, they are not fearful. At the root, we fear not having enough, not being good enough and ultimately we fear death itself.

The fear appears in many costumes in different areas of our lives. Social inhibition, fear of failure, what would people think? Why am I like this? Why can’t I…..etc. We fall into a victim mentality where we are at the whim of our circumstances and feel powerless. In the midst of it all we forget who we really are.

Who are we?

There is no such thing as lack.
We are infinitely powerful beings! We are unique, beautiful individuals. We all have something to contribute to the whole! The universe makes no mistakes, it is all part of the complete scheme of things, beyond what we can see for ourselves. If you are here you are worthy! If you are here that means there is more than enough food, shelter, people, places, love and affection in the world that’s just for you! There is no such thing as lack. The universe is so abundant that if you believe there is a lack, it will support your belief system and provide you with an abundance of lack!

So you get to choose! Do you want poverty, sickness and lack? Or do you want richness, health and feeling absolutely AWESOME because you are in alignment with your true Self? You can make that choice today!

What can I do for you?

Who knows? Over the last 10 years I have been going through some massive changes in how I look at life and how I live my life. Growing up I though life was pretty much already laid out in terms of what, when and how to do things. I felt, like most people, that there are certain things we simply “must” do. Once we are no longer children, we must take part in the adult world and that means a whole lot of “get this – get that – accomplish this – acquire that”. It’s like all of the sudden, everything gets very “serious” and we can no longer do exactly what we want exactly when we want it. Now our lives are ruled by one word only; “SHOULD”.

You really should go to university you know, you should get a decent job, you should be married by now. You shouldn’t do that! Oh you want to go travelling for no reason and with no time restriction? You can’t do that! Why? Because….because…you can’t just can’t! Or can you? Yes you can! Let’s rid ourselves of these silly restrictions on what we can or can’t do based on cultural norms and the fear of failure. Whatever it is, Just Do It!

This doesn’t mean that life isn’t challenging of course! There are plenty of obstacles in our way – stepping stones towards further
I want to encourage you to embrace life to the fullest and just go head first into the unknown!
growth, fertilizer for your dreams if you will.

I now realized that I could sculpt my life just the way I wanted, one step at the time, by paying attention to one thing, and one thing only; my excitement. My heart. My passion. That’s our guide in knowing what to do and what not to do in life. But don’t over think it though. It can be as simple as “I think I want a banana now” or “I’ll just go for a walk” or as big as “I’ll build an awesome house”.

I try to actually do what I want, at all times, just like children, with no fear or expectation as to what the outcome ought to be and I find myself in a constantly evolving, blissful state that seems never ending – even during trials and tribulations! There’s really no limits or boundaries in life, we can do whatever we want and we will accomplish whatever we set our minds to!

So I want to encourage you to embrace life to the fullest and just go head first into the unknown! You see, the future is always unknown, because it never comes! The time is always NOW! Have you ever experienced a time that was not Now? That’s right, your moment of power is now, and that’s the only time you will ever be happy!

Let’s get started!

If you need someone to tell you WHY it’s OK to do exactly as you want and HOW to get away with it – I’ll do it for you!

Whatever it is you are struggling with at the moment, let’s tackle it together! Whatever challenges you find yourself working through these days, let’s dive into them and find out WHAT is really obstructing your happiness today and WHY! Often times, we humans work ourselves into a rut where we can’t seem to get perspective on our situation, and that’s exactly when reaching out for assistance is so beneficial. To the best of my ability, I’ll aid you in looking at your current life and finding out EXACTLY what stands in the way between You, and the life of your dreams.

Radical questioning guaranteed!

Setting up a consultation

If all this sounds like something you would like to try, take a look at the different coaching options I offer down below and set up a consultation today! All sessions are done in private by Mikkel alone.

You’re in charge of the whole booking process yourself. Simply select the type of session you are interested in followed by the time and date you wish to book. After payment, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Through a link in this email you can cancel, or change your appointment as you please, up until 24 hours before the session but no later.

Our coaching options

Single Coaching Session

  • One full length consultation of 45 minutes duration
  • Done via Skype (with audio/video)
  • One optional follow up email included after the session

“Triple Package” Coaching Program

  • Three full length consultations of 45 minutes duration
  • Done via Skype (with audio/video)
  • One optional follow up email included after each session

Quick Q & A Session: Text Chat

  • Text chat via Skype (no audio/video)
  • Your questions answered in a casual chat session
  • 20 minutes duration

Quick Q & A Session: Video Call

  • One-to-one Skype session (with audio/video)
  • Any questions you may have – shoot!
  • 20 minutes duration

If you simply cannot fit your schedule around the times available through the booking application above, or if you have needs that you feel are not covered in our current coaching programs – feel free to contact us about it at Any questions regarding the booking process or the sessions themselves can also be sent to this email address.

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