Greetings Everyone! We are Mads and Mikkel, two brothers from Norway travelling the world in search of fruit, interesting places and awesome experiences. After going through some massive changes in terms of diet and lifestyle, health became a priority of ours and we started looking for a better environment to cultivate health.

We soon realized that humans do best in the tropical regions of the world where sunshine and fruit is abundant year round. So here we are, a few years later and now we want to share our experiences. We hope to entertain, educate and inspire you through this website and our YouTube channel as we travel around cultivating health and happiness.


Our journey of seeking optimal health started around 2011 when we both transitioned from a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits, towards a vegan diet and ultimately a 100% raw vegan diet based on whole, fresh, ripe and raw fruits, with the addition of some nuts, seeds and tender vegetables. Commonly referred to as the “High Carb Low Fat Raw Food Diet” or “80/10/10 Diet” (811 being the ratio of macronutrients where carbohydrates predominate in the form of the simple sugars from fruit) it’s basically a whole foods fruit based diet, some might even call it a Fruitarian diet.

ossfrukt Realizing that all animals in the wild eat a raw food diet where foods are consumed whole as they appear in nature, we wanted to find out what the optimal human diet would look like. We quickly realized, through basic logic, that the human anatomy is that of a tropical frugivore and that our optimal diet is mainly fruits, plus some tender vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The benefits gained from ceasing to burden the body with cooked and denatured substances and instead providing it with quality, nutrient dense foods that match our nutritional needs perfectly, is simply amazing. We noticed more energy, better sleep, clearer thinking, excellent digestion, no more regular headaches and stomach aches, it was obvious to us that our health was improving. The lightness, clarity and energy that comes from eating clean, simple and natural is beyond words, it needs to be experienced!

We now enjoy eating some of the best tasting, nutritionally rich foods in the whole world. Tropical fruits never cease to amaze us with their endless variety of flavours, textures, colours, aromas and shapes. For those truly interested in the pleasures of taste and food in general, fruits are the ultimate luxury – A feast of the senses to be enjoyed by the true Gourmand!

After the change of diet, we started realizing the bigger picture as well, and started focusing more on things like sleep, sunshine, rest and movement. Slowly but surely, our bodies are regaining their health and climbing towards their potential.

We continue to learn, evolve and experiment as we move forward. From the many experiences we’ve had on our journey so far, we know that we can help others in similar situations by sharing our knowledge and lending a helping hand for those who wish to follow the same path. We do this by putting out lots of free videos on our YouTube channel and by offering Skype consultations on health and lifestyle.


Sweet Natural Living is living in harmony with All there is, our bodies, our environment and our natural inclinations. It’s a life in alignment with our highest excitement and passion. It’s the journey towards optimal health, focusing on physiological needs as well as mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural.

Life is sweet when you live in balance with nature. Good health is valuable. Without health we are constantly held back from our highest potential as earthlings. Health creation starts with removing the obstacles and supplying the needs. A raw food diet of sweet juicy fruits and tender vegetables in abundance, clean water, daily sunshine, good sleep, sufficient rest, fresh air, natural movement, rewarding relationships and purposeful work are some of the essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. Staying clear of toxic, detrimental and harmful substances, conditions and influences is also fundamental. Creating health is effortless as long as we act in accord with the body and understand its natural environment, needs and inclinations.

Our project is based around our own lives and our quest for health, tropical fruits and true happiness. Realizing that the word “Health” means “Whole” we overstand that there’s more to life than physical health alone and therefore our focus is equally directed at ways to cultivate love, let go of fear and get in touch with our true passion in life. We strive for Maximum Awesomeness every day. It’s about Being Here Now and realizing who we are and that there’s no need to hold back. Anything and Everything is possible!

We also need to realize that true health is not always in perfect alignment with our modern culture and that we need to be patient and flexible with ourselves and others to allow for a natural transition. So we are not simply promoting the physiological, but a balance of physical, mental, spiritual, cultural and emotional health. Going with the flow, while making the conditions for physical health as optimal as possible by “stacking the cards in our favor. Sweet Natural Living is the life that goes with rather than against. Effortless.


Mikkelabout I was born in Norway back in 1986 to loving and supporting parents in a safe and peaceful environment. There was a small forest with a natural stream behind our house, so my younger brother Mads and I were always in touch with plants and the natural world. I have fond memories of running barefoot between the trees imagining myself a Native American in the rainforest. I ate a fairly standard Norwegian/Mediterranean diet growing up, not particularly healthy but not the worst either. Our mom cooked for us every day when we were kids and provided us with what she thought was the best at the time. I am very thankful for this. For a long period as a kid I would struggle with consuming meat, cheese and milk, I simply disliked the taste, consistency and the whole idea of eating something that disgusting. Through years of conditioning I learned to like it, and I felt good about it since I was now more normal.

I had epilepsy from age 8 to 12 and used heavy medications to keep it in check. The epilepsy was either due to complications at birth or from a painful meeting with a concrete wall at age 7. Still to this day I am more prone to headaches (although this has gotten a lot better since going fully raw) than most people but the epilepsy is completely gone thankfully.

As a teenager I struggled with acne, low energy levels (probably adrenal fatigue due to poor diet and lack of sleep), weak immune system and depression. I went to the doctor several times to “figure it out” but to no avail. They tried to come up with diagnoses and names for symptoms but they never once asked me things like “How do you eat? How much do you sleep?” They tried putting me on different supplements at one point, but they actually made me feel worse. I was a lost case it seemed. I thought I was doomed to a lifetime of low energy and lots of sickness. Never mind the fact that I was living off frozen pizzas, kebabs and lots of dead foods at that point! No one thought about that…neither did I!

I was always active as a child and teenager practicing the Korean martial art Taekwondo. For 12 years I spent many hours and days in the Dojang. I was loving it, but I clearly remember it being hard for me to get started each session due to lack of energy. When I stopped working out several times a week as I approached my twenties, I slowly started gaining weight and losing my fitness.

As I was becoming an adult and started making my own choices I decided to go vegetarian after a trip to Jamaica in 2007 inspired by the clean Ital Food of the Rastaman. The benefits were huge. Several years later I made the transition to vegan for ethical reasons, not wanting to contribute to the merciless exploitation of millions of innocent animals. A few months later, after being inspired by The Liferegenerator on YouTube and my studies into permaculture and consequent questioning of what the natural human diet and environment would be, I made the change to raw vegan together with my brother. This is when my health really skyrocketed. The first benefits I noticed were better digestion, not feeling sleepy after meals, clarity of mind and a natural urge to just go out and play/exercise!

Being at my maximum weight of about 85 kg at the time of transitioning, I went through a weight loss of about 20 kg in about 9 months! This was good, since the excess weight was almost 100% water and fat. After the initial weight loss I continued to lose some fat as I was learning to eat enough fruit (in the beginning it can sometimes be hard to eat enough calories on a fruit based diet since we are so used to eating small volumes of cooked food. Raw food contains more water and fiber and consequently it requires more bites to satisfy our caloric needs). Since then I have transitioned well into the raw food diet and my body has no problem knowing exactly when, what and how much to eat to stay satisfied and healthy at all times.

There were many books along my journey that brought me to where I am today, but in terms of diet I have to give due credit to Doug Graham’s work, including his book “The 80/10/10 Diet” which is such a simple and clear definition of what a healthy diet looks like at a glance. Herbert Shelton and T.C. Fry have also played an important role in educating me on the value of natural hygiene and the science of health. Also, just plain anatomy, physiology and biochemistry books helped me a lot.

I find myself completely over all past food addictions and experience no cravings for unnatural foods whatsoever. I love the food I eat and I love being healthy. As long as I’m providing my body with what it needs and avoid taxing it unnecessarily, I pretty much feel amazing almost all the time! My body gets faster, better, stronger and healthier every day as I keep learning more about health and keep healing from a lifetime of abuse. I love to sleep. I love to eat. I love the sun. I love fruit. I love to go to the toilet even! It’s all just functioning like it should now, the body works, and that’s a blessing I’m so grateful for!

I’ve always loved food and eating, but I have honestly never been enjoying food as much as I do now. My sense of taste have become so sensitive, so discerning and delicate that I find myself relishing the natural flavors in simple fruits and vegetables like I never thought possible. In fact, I find the whole experience of eating and tasting so much more complex now than I ever did eating a standard diet. The richness and depth of fruits in their raw, natural state is way beyond anything else. I enjoy eating monomeals of just one fruit at the time until I’m full, that way I can enjoy all the subtle nuances of that fruit – to the point of every single bite being different. There is no end to the variation of flavours, aromas, colours, textures and tastes in the world of fruit. We are frugivores and fruits hit the spot every single time!

So that’s my health history, a linear chronological report on my diet and lifestyle over the years, but of course, there’s so much more to life and I love every part of it! Today I travel around the world with my brother, eating a lot of fruit, obsessing about Durian (the King of Fruits) and exploring everything life has to offer! It’s absolutely awesome and I love waking up every day knowing that it’s my life, I can do whatever I want, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and the gratefulness I feel when the sun sets and I know I’m on my Path and that Life keeps blowing my mind again and again!

Giving thanks for the places, the people, the spiritual depths of the Journey of Life and the beauty to behold each day as we continue to grow, evolve and seek that Health – That WHOLE – of being ONE with our true and inner Self in a perpetual dance from Eternity to Eternity! Blessed Love!


Madsabout My name is Mads Tobias and I was born in Norway in 1989. Living most of my life in one place together with my mother, father and brother, I had what I feel was a great childhood, despite several challenges along the way. I was strange when it came to food. Until I was about 5 years old, I would eat almost anything. Then something strange happened, and I started becoming very picky. I was practically living off bread with a spice containing MSG throughout the day, then for dinner I would have french fries, pizza with nothing but tomato sauce or something that can barely be called tacos. This was my diet until I was about 15, where I slowly started adding such things as cheese (minute quantities), meat (charred black) and chocolate spread. When I was 20, I was practically eating anything… except any fruits and vegetables in their raw or “chunky” form.

Between the age of 5 and 20 I probably consumed something like one apple, 10 lettuce leaves and a handful of cucumber slices. Suffice to say, my mother and father were happy I at least got some tomatoes in through the tomato sauce on my burned pizza.

It all started changing when I was inspired by my brother Mikkel to eat a vegetarian diet. My mother and father had changed the way they ate as well. As I was getting into religious practice more, the ethical reasons as well as the health effects were the main reasons for me going vegetarian. It didn’t make sense for me to kill animals for my own pleasure, when I could eat delicious food without meat!

I’ve always been a video gamer. From years 10 to 20 I would play something like 70 hours a week. It was destroying my sleep. I had a lot of fun, but as I progressed throughout my health journey, going from vegetarian to vegan to raw vegan, the amount of time I spent on the computer lessened. I love video games, and still play about an hour or two a day, when I can. Games can be an awesome way to immerse yourself into a different world. Much like a movie, yet interactive.

As I said, I turned vegetarian, and when I was 21 I went vegan. Since that day, I haven’t eaten any animal products. I did it for the same reasons as with vegetarian, but this time it was more ethical reasons. I found the health benefits to be quite tremendous though. Cutting out dairy and eggs and incorporating more fruits and vegetables slowly by slowly made me healthier, fitter and feeling better than I had in a long time. Things were not still not perfect though, and a few months later me and Mikkel were inspired by The Liferegenerator (thanks for everything Dan!) on Youtube, and we started juicing like there’s no tomorrow. This slowly transitioned into eating mainly fruits and a salad in the evening.

Losing a lot of weight (going from 81kg to 50kg) I felt amazing. I could move like never before! I could do handstands, I could run, I could do everything I wanted to. Exercising when fat and sick is horrible, but when you’re healthy and fit, work turns to play!

50kg is not a lot of weight. The reason I was that skinny was simply because I didn’t have much muscle mass at all. Imagine what happens to a person in comatose. They lose all their muscle. Now imagine a person playing 70 hours of video games a week, the only activity being going to school with a bus and sitting all day. Losing all that fat and water made me look very skinny, but it was a great place to start out learning about my body. From there on I have been building muscle at a steady rate, learning more and more about how to do it. I’ve also been stretching 30 minutes every morning since 2013, which have strengthened my body, and made it flexible and feeling amazing.

I started travelling with my brother in 2012. Going to several different places, such as Thailand, where we got ultra-obsessed about durian and still is to this day, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia (Cairns and Sydney), the Canary Islands (where we lived on La Palma for a year) and Costa Rica. All our travels have been paramount to changing the way I view the world. I have realized we are tropical beings, and need tropical fruits to live healthily.

At this point in my life I am eating mono fruit meals throughout the day, ending it with a nice mix of something fatty and/or savory, such as durian, avocado, coconut fat, tomatos, tamarillos.. Whatever is in season! I’m continually travelling with Mikkel whilst exploring new parts of the world and tasting all the amazing fruits. If someone said 10 years ago that I would be a fruit eating/exercising/jungle loving durian-fanatic at this point in my life, we would all laugh at the absurdity of it! I guess things can always change.